Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Server

My new internet server has been installed and, so far, it isn't any faster.  I will take the same speed but better reliability so will give it the weekend and see how it goes.  My previous server was dreadful on the weekends and during the summer which is the major reason for changing.  I have a 30 day money back so will have lots of time to check it out.

I woke up far too early this morning so am pretty tired.  Nevertheless, I am getting things done.  I am determined to have the top for the blue and white quilt ready for the frame by Sat.  That shouldn't be a problem as I have already sewn more than half the rows together.

Such a lovely day.  I should be outside but here I am tied to the sewing machine and computer.  My dear man is getting supper tonight so perhaps after he gets home from doing some running around I will take the dog out for a wander.

I will have a treat for you in a few days.  The founder of Quilts for Sale web site, co founder of the Quilt pattern Magazine and a host of other accomplishments is going to be a guest blogger.  I know you will want to see what she has to share.

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