Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunshine Quilt Show 2014

I have some eye candy for you today.  I went with two friends from our local group to the Sunshine Quilt Show in Orillia on Saturday.  The weather was lovely and the show, as always,  was well attended.  This isn't a huge show in comparison to some but it is well organized and the quilts are as good as you will see anywhere.  There were a lot of appliques as you can see in the photos, quite a number of quilts done in the current style of omitting borders and some really fun wall hangings. 
We stopped for a cup of tea and early lunch before looking at the exhibits and shared a table with some lovely ladies.  Christine was kind enough to let me know she reads my blog so it was great meeting her. She was there with Linda, Laura  and Andrea.  Hope I've spelt your names correctly ladies.
My friend who lives in southern Ontario also joined us and, as we were looking at the quilts, I gave her a mini lesson on some of the styles and fabrics.  She wants to learn to quilt and, if she takes to it as quickly as she did my little lesson, she is going to be one fantastic quilter.  She also has a great sense of style so I can't wait to see what she produces.
All in all, a fun day.  I was tired when I got home as were the other two women but we enjoyed ourselves.  It was a good start to the show season.  Today, it is snowing again so I think I will just ignore the outdoors and think of quilt shows to come.
Thank you to Terry for the first six photos. If you click on the first photo, it will enlarge and you will get thumbnails at the bottom so you can watch it as a slideshow.




  1. Those are some gorgeous quilts, very talented quilters for sure.

  2. I too was at the quilt show Sat Anna sorry I missed you was there until 1300 met a friend that lives in North Bay there. You are right it is not a huge show but the workmanship is worth going for it, loads of hand quilting. I spoke with "Clara" she was demonstrating hand applique with a Michelle Hill pattern it was lovely she did the Rosemary Makham Forrest animals applique!