Friday, April 11, 2014

Blue and White Quilt

Bessie's Quilt
The quilting is going much better now.  A lot of the problem was that the width wasn't giving me much room to maneuver so I'm leaving all the borders until after the top is finished.  I am thinking that I will just do heart shapes on them.

I am hoping to get a good bit done today.  The thread keeps shredding but this is the one I want to use so will just deal with it.  It is YLI so I am surprised I am having problems.  It isn't the tension or the needle.  Maybe the thread is old.  It was given to me.

My husband is out gathering maple sap today.  I am not sure if he is able to get into the bush off the trails or not.  The rain yesterday and warmer temperatures should have reduced the snow quite a bit.

Such a shock yesterday with the news of Jim Flaherty's sudden death.  The grieving family of public figures have to deal with sharing their loved one with the populace and it can't be easy.  I hope the support and accolades help.

Looking forward to the quilt show tomorrow.  I will be taking lots of photos for sharing.

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