Thursday, April 17, 2014


I had a busy meeting day today.  A friend took me out to lunch and then I gave her a lesson on the operation of her tablet.  From there to a civic meeting which took care of the rest of the afternoon.  Did some shopping before and after.  In between all that, I sold one of our turkeys (frozen) to a friend. 
When I got home, I unloaded and then went to give the turkey money to my husband.  Unfortunately, it was missing.  Somewhere between my friends house and getting into the car after the last of the shopping, I lost it.  I thought it was in my wallet but, obviously, it wasn't.  I've made a few calls so am hoping it turns up but I am afraid it is gone.
My dear husband hasn't said anything.  I do tend to be somewhat careless with money; shoving it in a pocket or leaving it on a table.  He said that he has just accepted it.  I don't suppose I am going to change but I am going to have to try.
My new business cards came in the mail today.  I get them from Vista who do an excellent job at a very reasonable price.
Didn't get much quilty stuff done today.  I am going to a Good Friday service tomorrow morning and then will probably do either another garden angel or the foundation block.
A week from today I will be on my quilt retreat.  Yahoo.
Have a blessed Easter.

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