Friday, March 28, 2014

Waiting for the Internet

My dear man has gone to Orillia today for his aunt's funeral and I am staying here in case we have another drip.  So far today everything has been fine.  It has been raining fairly steadily all day so that should reduce the snow and, hopefully, melt some of the ice that is causing problems on the roof.
I have quite a bit done on my latest quilt.  I cut up the fabric and am now sewing the blocks.  I like the new fabric that I bought yesterday much better.
Hubby will be home in time for supper so I am going to stop everything shortly and make a couple of tea loaves before starting the meal.  I want to make a pumpkin loaf and another of zucchini.  Nice to have with our tea breaks.

I am so looking forward to get my new internet service tomorrow.  It is a real pain having to keep moving the router half a dozen times just to get enough reception to log on or do a search.

Missouri Star quilt Co has another great video.  (  This one uses half square triangles and solves the problem of what I am going to do with all mine.
Have a wonderful weekend.  I am hoping the latest news regarding the possible whereabouts of the Malaysian airplane that is missing is correct.  It has, I am sure, been a long and frustrating wait for the family members of the passengers and crew.


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