Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Virtual Quilt Show

Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare.  Another April baby.

The pile beside the door is getting bigger.  In addition to the quilting supplies including 2 sewing machines (taking one for a friend who is coming to the retreat by plane from another province), there is the batting for two customers, a quilt for show and tell and  items to be swapped.  My suitcase is all but packed.  Have to add make up, toothbrush etc.
After not thinking about the retreat until this week, I am now anxious to go.  If I didn't have a doctor's appointment, I might have left today and stopped overnight to visit my nephew and family.
The car is also ready for the trip.  Snow tires have been removed and summers installed and I have a full tank of gas.  I am really glad we filled up on the weekend because I hear on the news that the prices have jumped around 10 cents a litre.  I was wondering this morning what we would have thought back in the mid 1900's if someone  had told us that we would be paying more than $6.00 for a gallon of fuel.  I am dating myself but I remember when it was less than fifty cents a gallon! We probably would have thought that it couldn't happen because no-one would stand for it.  However, just like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, we didn't notice the heat increasing because it happened bit by bit.  Actually, we noticed but didn't do anything about it.
My husband started boiling the maple sap today.  Normally, he would have been done the end of last month so  I felt safe in booking this retreat.  I do like to be here to take him tea and little goodies as well as meals.  He can manage on his own but I like to do my bit as a contribution to those lovely bottles of maple syrup.
Almost forgot to mention that one of my quilts is featured on the home page slide show of Quilts for Sale (  It is my doggie one.  If you would like a virtual quilt show, this is the place to go.
Watch for retreat photos for the next few days.  Talk to you next week.

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