Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Unlevel Level

I have been working all day on my blue and white quilt commission.  I have the top; other than borders, almost done.  I noticed one of the blocks was in the wrong way.  Glad I saw that before I had everything put together.  Now I need to go over each one to make sure there isn't another problem.

Dear husband put my new heater up on the wall today.  I mentioned that I was a bit cool and he was out here in a flash.  He has been wanting to get it installed but I was to busy to think about it.  The flames are pretty to look at and leaving it on for half an hour warmed the room sufficiently.

The manufacturer provided a tiny leveler to make sure everything was straight.  I thought that was a nice touch until I checked it on my table and found that it wasn't accurate.  A check with my two foot level confirmed my opinion.

We have to adjust it but it can wait as the heater will probably be taken down and stored for the summer.

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