Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hanging a Quilt.

We did another change around in the quilt room.  We hung a rod at one end of the room so I could use it for taking photos of my quilts but then needed to move a few things so I would have as much width as possible.  The long arm frame was moved forward to accommodate a bookcase and the wall heater has been moved to the sitting /sun room.  I like this arrangement much better. 
I also really like the photography arrangement.  This is what I did.  I got two rod supports and hung them as close to the ceiling as possible leaving just enough room to be able to hang and remove the rod.  Because of the distance, I also place another support in the middle.  The rod I am using is an unneeded one from my long arm but any sturdy one would do.  When I want to take a picture of a quilt, I pin a sleeve to the quilt back close to the binding for security, slide the rod through and put it on the supports.  The quilt hangs perfectly.  I made the sleeve from a very dark brown fabric and it is barely visible in the photo.
I am having trouble uploading a photo for some reason but, when I can, I will.

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