Friday, January 31, 2014

Mini Completed

Here is the completed mini.  I finished the hand work on it while recovery from my dental extraction. 
It was fun doing this and I think it will look nice on the tiny bed.
We have another leak today.  Husband has been out to try and direct the water off the roof so I hope he has been successful.  The other areas have dried up so that is a plus.  We found that the water softener salt works the best as it is a slower melt.  Defiantly some roof work to be done in the summer.
Tomorrow is a new month, the second of the new year.  I am hoping it will bring more seasonable temperatures.  I really miss being able to get outside every day.  I am sure Heidi does as well.  I try to give her some exercise in doors but that doesn't give her the fresh air.  Oh, well, I will soon be complaining about the blackflies.
Hope you all have a great weekend,

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