Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Errant Boots.

I had an busy day yesterday.  A friend and her husband came over and the two men finished the wiring in my quilt room.  I needed a couple more outlets.  Of course, everything had to be moved so they could get to the walls. This morning, it all had to be put back again.  I am doing a bit of re organizing at the same time.  My dressmaking fabric that is in a tote will now be in a drawer.  More stuff has been discarded.  It is an ongoing battle to de clutter.

My husband had a nice surprise birthday party on Sunday afternoon when his family all come north.  His mother stayed after the others left and will be with us for a while.  It is nice having her here and our little dog gets another person to spoil her.
Despite the bitter cold, Heidi and I have still been going out for our daily walks although they are a lot shorter.  I have to remember to put on her booties as her little feet get cold pretty quick.  If that happens, I have to carry her.  Good thing she is a tiny thing.
The problem with her booties is that they don't stay on.  Her feet aren't bit enough to keep them in place no matter how snug the strap is. I am thinking of making something like a onesie for her with the bottom part cut out so she can still take care of business.
Tomorrow she goes for her vet appointment.  I am hoping to be able to get at the quilt I have in the frame in the afternoon.

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