Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Snow Deepens

These first two pictures were taken from inside my studio.  The first is a through a south facing window and the second is looking west toward the road.  Both appear to be almost black and white photos but they are, actually, in colour.  Or what colour that can be seen through yet another snowfall.  It is really isn't even 'another'.  It is the same one that started days ago.  It does appear to be a bit dreary but I think it is lovely.  I have another of my large pots of stew on the wood stove and I can smell it cooking.  I don't need to go out unless I want to and probably will later as I want to get the bows from the shrubs along the drive.  It will give the dog and I some exercise and fresh air.

This, more colourful picture, shows the two borders I have added to the panel on which I am working.  I hadn't pressed them so they show a bit crooked.  I may get it  layered today although I haven't decided on the backing. 
I am taking it easy today as I slipped getting out of the shower.  I have a grab bar installed as I am prone to a bit of dizziness and I was, thankfully, holding on to it.  Still, I wrenched my back at bit and my head feels a little fuzzy so I am not going to doing anything that takes physical or mental agility.
When I slipped, I shouted and, Heidi, true to her call as my protector, came dashing in.  It is a mark of her commitment that she did come as she avoids me when she suspects I am going to have a shower.  Shower's for me often include one for her and she doesn't like to take a chance.  She's a sweetie.

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  1. Hope your feeling better and your back doesn't suffer any long term issues. Take care things can happen so fast.