Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mini quilts and Handbags.

I got my hand bag done today and will transfer the stuff from the other to this one later.  It has turned out alright.  That was my sewing project for the day.
I took the completed mini to my friend at quilt group yesterday and she was pleased with it so that was nice.  I am running over some other ideas for another one.  I am thinking that a whole cloth might be fun as it wouldn't take long.  The pattern might be the problem for that to make it authentic.
Our local quilt group are making charity quilts on the first Monday of the month.  Some of us started lap quilts for those who are in wheel chairs and others were putting together donated blocks for a full size quilt.
This is a good way to get rid of orphan blocks, unneeded pre cuts and fabric that has lot its appeal.  I was pleased to be able to donate quite a pile of blocks.  I also discovered a few that I forgot I had so put them in my 'finish' drawer.  If you belong to a group, this might be something they would be interested in doing.  There are so many groups that can use quilts of all sizes.
We still have quit a leak in the addition.  This one is in our sun room part.  We don't seem to be able to solve the problem like we did with the first one.  We are probably going to have to remove the interior planks in the spring to make sure everything dries out.  I would imagine we aren't the only one with problems from all the snow this year.

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