Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Those Terrifying, Wonderful Gadgets.

I was doing some work on my new tablet today in between bread making steps.  All the little icons had been previously checked out and I was interested in the Apps button.  My investigation led me to the free section.  Guess which one I installed first?  A quilting one, of course.  I discovered that Robert Kaufman (one of my favourite fabric designers) offered a free quilters ruler.  There is actually three of them.  One gave you fabric amounts for different needs, another how many of a certain type of block i.e. half square, you can get from a particular amount of material and so on. 
I have most of these on a print out from Victoriana Quilt Designs (she has them free on her web site: but it is nice to have them on the tablet so they are with me when I go to quilt group or fabric shopping.

I think I have mentioned before that I love gadgets and I do enjoy learning new things but, sometimes, I am a bit fearful of getting started.  A very generous lady in our local quilt group gave me a couple of devices to help me set the upper and lower tension on my frame machine.  I haven't found them helpful.  They just sit there.  I have been waiting for them to jump up and do whatever it is they do.  I guess I am just going to have to put on my brave face and learn how they operate.  I am sure I will be quite excited once I do.  I am also sure I will be telling you about it.  Stay tuned.

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