Friday, January 17, 2014

A Menopausal Dog?

Oops, yesterday got away from me.  Went to Huntsville and did a bit of shopping and then  did the usual house stuff after we got home.  Before I knew it, the day had gone and I didn't post.
While there, I bought some broadcloth to put around a quilt top before putting it in the frame.  This quilt is borderless so I needed something which would stabilize the edges plus give me somewhere to run onto when stitching near the sides. 

Arkangel Creations 2014 Fig. 1

War and Peace detail
Fig. 2
Figure 1 shows the sides and bottom of the quilt.  The white fabric is approx. 3" wide.  I didn't measure it.  I needed it to be wide enough for the clamps but not enough that it would make the top too big for the frame.
Figure 2 shows the top of the quilt where the fabric is tucked under the take up rod.  Could someone remove those threads, please?

Our little Heidi is acting odd.  She has a squeaky toy that she has been carrying everywhere with her lately.  Even takes it to bed and, as she sleeps with me, that can result in a few scares.  Nothing like rolling over on a loud squeaky to startle you out of a deep sleep.  I don't know if she is going through some odd maternal stage or what.  Husband wonders if it is menopause.  Do dogs get menopausal symptoms?  She is going for her yearly shots next Thurs. so I will ask the vet.
Have a great weekend.  It is my husbands birthday on Sunday and the weather is predicted to be nice so maybe I will surprise him and go snowshoeing.  I haven't been feeling well lately so we haven't been doing anything exciting.

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