Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Legitimate Health Expense.

I took our wee Heidi in for her check up this morning and she was declared to be a 'healthy dog'.  She has lost 4 pounds since last visit so she is back in the range where she should be.  It continues to be cold here but the sun is shining so it is lovely.  I have some writing to finish and then hope to get back at the quilt that is in my frame.

The following was sent from an on line friend.  It might be something you would like to copy and keep on your wall in case anyone thinks you quilt too much.  Wonder if we could get the government to allow us to deduct our quilting costs from our taxable income as a 'medical expense'.

Quilting has several important health benefits:
  • Quilting lowers your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Quilting helps you sleep better.
  • Quilters have fewer colds and influenzas.
  • Quilter’s wounds heal faster.
  • Quilting gives you the time and space to think your own thoughts, to dream your own dreams, and to plan your life.
The calming rhythms of quiltmaking allow us to process whatever challanges we face and to listen for that still, quiet voice that brings compassion and guidance.
Quilting is about love and relationship. It is life-affirming and life-giving.
In short, quilting is therapy.

Dr. Susan Delaney Mech M.D.


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