Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Clutter and Creativity Both Start with the Same Letter.

Happy New Year.  I know that we moved into another year seven days ago but I just took down the tree, put away the nativity sets and undecorated the house.  Everything is now back to where it was before the festivities so I feel as though, for me, I have said good bye to the old and am ready for the new.  I am sure, in the coming days, that I will find a bow or some other decoration that I've overlooked despite the fact that both my husband and I checked each room.  Of course, this is a lot like life, isn't it.  We think we have turned over a new leaf, bid farewell to an old habit and, suddenly, there is the little nagging reminder that we are still the same person.
In the quilting world, we face this never ending cycle when we do a thorough tidying of our sewing space.  We take further control of our life by folding fabric, cutting scraps and labelling unfinished projects with a 'complete by' date.
A few weeks go by or perhaps even months and someone mentions they are organizing their quilt space.  Feeling quite smug that you have already accomplished this, you scan your place of creativity and your eyes are greeted with a nasty sight.  When did that pile of fabric appear on the cutting table?  Who heaped all those half completed tops in the corner?
What is a poor quilter to do when all your notions, fabric etc. seem to have a mind of their own? You have two choices.  Ignore the mess and tell everyone who wanders into the room despite the locked and barred door that (a) you've been ill (b) clutter and creativity both start with the same letter (c) how dare you come into my sanctum without an invitation.  The second choice is to realize that life is made up of beginnings and just start again. 
I am not going to tell you what prompted these thoughts.  I will just leave you with the impression that it was the putting away of Christmas decorations.

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