Friday, January 3, 2014

Hippity Hop on Little Cold Feet

I have started working on my art quilt.  I have the first border added plus the nylon top. I had to press and carefully pin the two tops together to keep it straight and without puckers.  I like the way the sun creates iridescent colours along the surface.  It is going to take some thought as to how I will quilt it but I am thinking of either metallic or invisible thread.  I will keep you posted.

Our temperature is on the rise.  It was minus 37 this morning and has steadily risen to minus 14.  I took Heidi out for a walk but it was too cold for her.  She loves the outdoors but when she starts doing a hippity hop on alternating three feet, it is time to come in.  I should have put on her little booties.

Tomorrow, I am going to our public library for a course on how to upload books to my tablet.  I could probably figure it out but I am sure they will be showing some  things that will make it quicker and easier.  I am also trying to figure out how to load a podcast onto my ipod.  I am not sure if I can do that but I don't see why not.

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