Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Big and Little


This little top is a miniature quilt that I am making for a friend.  I am just getting ready to add the border and then will layer and tie.  The scale is 1 inch equals 6 so this is a double bed size.  It will be slightly smaller than normal because the bed is rope spring.  This means that in place of a box spring mattress or a spring base (as was the case when I was a child) the frame bottom consists of a rope lattice which supports the mattress.
I am almost finished this quilt.  I am working on the binding today.  Not bad considering I started it in 2012.  I did have the quilting finished once but didn't like it.  So, I had to unsew and redo.
This is one of my patterns and will be a house quilt.  The back is also pieced.  I will take a photo of that when everything is finished.

I just took a glance out the window and I can't see the end of our driveway.  My husband is out and expected home soon.  I know he will go slowly and he doesn't have to go on the highway so I won't have to worry.  As long as everyone else stays on their side of the road, of course.

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