Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salads and Quilts

I sometimes have the urge to start my post the way Kelly Rippa does on the show Live: Good morning, it is Tuesday, June the 4th.
It is, indeed, Tuesday and I have just finished tidying up after having a busy few days.  Yesterday, we went to Orillia to inter my father-in-law who died in January.  There were just a few family members present and my husband read Psalm 23 and said a prayer.  The urn was placed in the ground, everyone, starting with the great grandson, tossed in some wild thyme and that was it.  Simple but meaningful to those who were there.
We took our Heidi with us and left her at our nephew and families house.  They have a black Scottie, Milo, and the two dogs played together nicely.
It was very hot yesterday; 32C, so it was nice to get back to our forested home where the breeze and trees help keep down the temperature.  It is already 22 and it isn't 10 a.m. yet so it will be another warm day.  My husband is going to put our window air conditioner in today so that will help.  My studio is still nice and cool so I will be able to work on my projects comfortably.

We are going to be having salads and cold sliced turkey for supper as it will be too warm to cook-Yahoo. This means I will be able to get lots done.  I am going to have to stop when Roger is ready to do the wiring in the studio so am trying to get as much done as possible before hand.
I have posted the first step to the mystery quilt on Friday.  Take a look and give it a try.  There are instructions for a table runner size if you would like to try a small project.

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