Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Passing in the Driveway

My husband and I just passed each other in the driveway.  I was returning from a funeral service, he is on his way to pick up our new chicks.  Life is like that sometimes, isn't it.  One person or the other is either coming or going.
This happens to us less often now we are living here on our back woods property.  In Edmonton, having a day together was a luxury.  This was usually because of me.  I was always off to a meeting somewhere.  I now only belong to the quilt group and a community one.  My husband has a euchre group that meets each week and occasionally he goes out on a motorcycle run with some friends.
Of course, just because we are at home doesn't necessarily mean we are in the same location. Roger is usually outside doing something manly while I am either writing, quilting or tending to my housewifely duties. We always seem to be busy at something.
The arrival of the baby chicks will be another chore.  These are laying birds so they won't grow as fast as the meat chickens.  We had a flock of those a while back and watching them grow was like watching popping corn.  One moment fluffy chick, the next large white hen. The step from hen in the coop to hen in the freezer is one we don't want to we don't want to experience again.  We still have meat birds but they are raised by someone else and we share the expense and work-or rather my husband does.
I believe we are taking delivery of a few turkey chicks as well.  I am interested in seeing what they look like.  Also interested in seeing if I react the same way to the turkey in the pen, turkey in the freezer transition as I did with the chickens.
Our little dog was sick yesterday.  Not sure what she ate (if that was the problem) but I was cleaning up after her all day and then again this morning.  She wasn't lethargic or off her food so I can only surmise she ingested something that would have been better left on the ground.
Will post a photo of our new brood tomorrow.  May also have an announcement of a mystery quilt project.

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