Thursday, June 20, 2013

And today Is...?

My schedule is all mixed up this week.  I normally bake today and have a meeting at noon.  Neither is happening.  Friday is my writing day but as the meeting may happen tomorrow, I am doing that today.  Monday is, of course, my quilt group day and nothing is allowed to interfere with that.  However, a burial does take precedence.  This Monday, we will be interring my father in law.
I'm not complaining about all this but it does keep me off balance. 
Tomorrow I am going to be giving you the first steps for a Mystery Quilt.  You will have the option of making a table runner or lap quilt.
Each step will be posted on following Friday's.
Our little chicks and baby turkey's (poults?) are growing.  It will be another month before we can start thinking about eggs but then we should have lots.  The turkeys are fated for another destination but will still be much appreciated.
I have added a new link under My Favourite Places.  My brother makes lawn ornament's. I think he is quite talented.  The link will take you to a page that shows photos of them.
Looks like we are getting some seasonable weather tomorrow.  I am sitting here in a fleecy jacket and wearing socks!  It is warmer outside than in which will be nice if it ever does get hot.  In the meantime, I will bundle up.

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