Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back Woods Diner.

The weather is much nicer today.  Still warm but not humid.  I went into the village to the store that was interested in selling some of my quilts and she took one.  I am going to be make some baby quilts for her as well. The first one will be a hand quilted panel with fleece backing.  I've chosen to hand quilt because I can't use my machines at the moment.  My husband has moved everything so we can have the hydro put in.  It will be nice to not have extension cords running thither and yon as well as to have some proper lighting.  I would have been content to stay with what I have, however, as it is a lovely big room.  My husband has worked so hard to make this for me.  He is neither a carpenter nor electrician so it has been a learning curve. 
The photo is of some of our laying hens demonstrating what free range eggs mean.  The problem with letting them run loose is that they don't always lay their eggs in the coop.  Still, it is nice to see them roaming around and they do eat bugs and fertilize at the same time.
Our wild raspberries look as though we are going to get a good crop this year. Our little back woods heaven gives us so much fruit without us having to do any work.  In addition to the raspberries, there are blueberries and pin cherries.  If I could safely identify them, we have a ton of mushrooms some of which are probably edible as well as 'weeds' such as lambs quarters which are great as a green either raw or cooked.
Don't forget to check the details for the mystery quilt that started on the 21st.

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