Friday, June 14, 2013

Contest Closing

It is kind of a lazy day.  I don't feel a great deal like doing much of anything.  I have cut up some strips for a mystery quilt and started writing directions for it.  Done a bit of housework, played a lot of computer games and cleaned the studio windows.
I really would rather be outside reading a book which I don't have.  I may go later and do a bit of hand quilting.  Will also take the doggie for a walk.  I usually do that in the morning but as the bugs have settled somewhat, I can change the schedule.
We are expecting company on Sunday and I have given Heidi a bath so she can look her best.  She hates her bath but puts up with it not that she has much of a choice.  At just over 10 pounds she is rather at the mercy of her human pack members.  She knows she will get some bacon when all is finished and she would do back flips the length of our home for bacon.
I usually dry her off a bit with my hair drier but she was  shivering when we sat down to watch the news.  She was on my husband's lap (her favourite place) so he wrapped her in a quilt that is over the back of my chair. All that was visible were her eyes and black nose.  I am sure she was feeling quite pleased with herself.
You have one more day to enter my contest.  It closes tomorrow.  Send me a comment telling what you like about the blog and something you would like to see added or more of.
Good luck to all who have entered.  Winner will receive an email.

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