Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Economy Boost

I have been having a wonderful visit with our friends from Southern Ontario.  I think I mentioned that we had met on line and then later in person.  We see each other now about once a year although that may increase as they have seen what a beautiful area this is.  Our husbands are also friends which makes it extra nice.
Today, I took Evelyn to some of our local and area shops and she, very kindly, did her bit to help the economy.  One of our stores sells hand crafter wood and other articles and she found a wonderful glass cabinet that is used to store blankets.  We are going to be picking it up later today and I will take a picture to show you.
While we were out doing that, the men were working on the facia around the studio.
I am going to be posting instruction for a mystery quilt this week.  It uses 2 1/2" fabric and will help you get rid of some of your stash.

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  1. Oh I am looking forward to the picture of the blanket cabinet...I may *need* one of those!!