Friday, June 28, 2013

Mystery Quilt Step 2

Mystery Quilt Step Two


Divide your strips into four piles.  Two piles will contain half each of the lighter strips and the remaining will consist of the darker strips divided into two piles..


Sew the 2 ½” squares to the bottom of all the strips. 

Note: one pile of the dark and one pile of the light will have the diagonal line going one way and on the other two piles it will be going the other.

See diagrams below.






Trim the coloured section and lower layer of white ¼” from the sewn line. Press the remaining white section open so it looks like the diagram.  If you wish, for extra strength, trim only the coloured section and then iron the white square so it looks like the diagram.


Note: do all the strips from one pile and keep together.  Repeat with remaining piles.

Note:  you will have left over strips.  These are for the last row and do not have white sections.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm reading step 2 of the mystery quilt and I'm missing something. There are 40 strips, 10 in each pile but only 30 squares to sew on 40 strips. What am I missing?