Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Craftsy Courses

My husband has built another rail fence.  This one is at the front of the house and gives ol' Hank a leaning spot.  I notice his neck scarf is getting a bit disreputable so I better see if I can find him another.
I switched my baking day to today rather than Thursday as, with my luncheon meetings, it is hard to organize the time.  Today I have made 4 loaves of pumpernickel bread, 7 dozen or so cookies, two  pans of dates square (we are having a pot luck at church on the 23rd) and a rhubarb crisp.  That should keep us for a bit.

Do you take courses on line?  I increased my quilting skills from  on line courses and find them an easy and inexpensive way to increase my knowledge of just about everything.
Craftsy has many free or inexpensive courses.  You may know them as a place to buy patterns but they do offer a lot of other things as well: fabric and various courses to name a couple.  I've added a link for you to click if you would like to check them out.

There are only a couple more days to enter my contest.  To win a copy of my book, Scrappy Quilts and More or a pattern of your choice, just send me a comment stating what you like about my blog and what you would like to see included i.e. more contests, photos, free patterns etc.

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  1. Oh Hank looks so good there! I bet your house smells great! Too bad it is too far to come for coffee...I love rhubarb crisp, but my husband can't stand rhubarb anything so I go without boohoo for me!