Thursday, June 27, 2013


Our little finches are back.  Roger saw one yesterday flying from the Niger feeder.  They are such pretty little birds with their bright yellow feathers. If a flock are perched in a tree, it seems as though flower buds had just burst open.
I took Heidi for a walk early this morning; before 7 a.m.  The air was still fresh and cool with only a few mosquitos flitting around. It is the nicest time of day to be out if I can drag myself out of bed to do it.  Heidi is always eager to go so I can't blame her if I don't make it.
We put our air conditioner in the window yesterday but it isn't working so we had to remove it again.  I don't think we can afford to buy another just yet so we will make do with fans.  We are supposed to get a few days cooler weather.  I am still hoping for a good rain within the next few days so the men will come and do the wiring in my quilt studio.  (The chickens are squawking like mad right now. I am sure they can be heard all around the neighbourhood.  Better than a barking dog, in my opinion.)
I am hand quilting a baby blanket so I can feed my quilting addiction while I wait to have the work done.

Do you have a favourite on line quilt shop?  Why do you like it: price, quality, service?  Does it offer free or low cost shipping?
I will publish the replies in a future blog. 

What is your favourite brand of thread for machine piecing and quilting?  Why

Tomorrow, I will post the second installment of the mystery quilt.

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