Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is That Black or Brown?

I've just got back from my eye exam (they passed) and some shopping.  Here is a bit of advice just in case you are like me.  I had eye drops during my test which has made them very light sensitive.  After leaving there I went to our quilt store to pick out some fabric for a sample quilt I am making for a class I will be teaching in the fall.  I found it quite difficult to look closely at the fabric while trying to see the differences in shades and pattern.  Fortunately, one of the store owners came to my rescue and helped me chose a couple of fabrics.  She was familiar with my pattern so that helped.  I must remember next time I go for my test to not also plan on buying fabric.
I have been cutting out some apple shapes from fabric backed with fusible for a baby quilt.  Yesterday evening, I ironed some of the fusible with the traced shapes onto the fabric, cut them out and was ready to iron them onto the top when I realized I had fused the wrong side.  Drat.  Now I have to do some more and I can't blame that on the drops.
My husband and I have decided to see how we manage with just one cell phone.  Mine is old so we are going with his.  Now I need to learn all its little tricks and get my numbers programmed into it.  Not sure how long this will last but as neither of us are umbilically tied to our cell phone, it might work.  Another few dollars saved.

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