Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Buy Local

Our friends left this morning and are taking a scenic route to their next stop.  We had a lovely visit and the house seems a little bare right now.  Our wee Heidi is feeling particularly sad as she got so much more attention than she usually get from just the two of us. 
I need to get at some quilting and writing projects now so probably will spend the rest of the week doing one or the other.
I mentioned yesterday that my friend bought a cabinet to store and display her quilts. This is a photo of it.  There is 1/4" glass on all sides and is hand crafted and available at a store in our village.  Evelyn got it for a good price so if anyone is interested, I can send you a link.

I really like buying local and if it is made by an area artisan, that is even better. I feel quite strongly that we should support our home countries products and local designers/businesses etc.  Mass production has an important place in the economy of a country but it is the individual producer that promotes our heritage.

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