Friday, April 26, 2013

Off to a Quilt Show

There seems to be a lot of traffic on our road today.  The few times I have looked up in time, it is to see a truck passing by so I don't know if some repair work is going on or whether a home owner is doing some construction.  I probably wouldn't be paying any attention but Heidi barks every time she hears the noise.
I am going to my first quilt show of the year tomorrow.  It is in North Bay which is less than an hour north of us.  I haven't been to this one before so am looking forward to seeing what it is like.  I know the quilt shop in Huntsville will be there.
Most of the quilt shows in our area are not annual events.  A few communities alternate with another one in the vicinity.  Others seem sporadic but there is probably a set rotation time. If you live in a heavily populated area, you probably have access to a number of shows within an hours drive.  We do have quite a number of events but have to cover a couple hundred kilometers-one way. 

I have been working on my next book today as well as finishing up an article for the Quilter's Connection magazine.  As I was sitting down to write this, I suddenly remembered that I haven't done the flowers for church yet.  I better get at them and take them over.
My husband is out playing euchre and is going to bring home supper so I don't have to worry about that.

Have you taken a look at the information about my quilt book yet?  It is on my web site:  It is available as a download or printed form.
There are still a few copies available at the introductory price which means you can get 8 patterns for slightly more than the cost of one!

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