Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Flock of Robins.

Like many people, I watched the horror of the bombing in Boston yesterday.  I cannot fathom how anyone can feel any sense of satisfaction or victory over the killing and injury of innocent people.  The criminals will be caught and then they will be tried using the same principles of justice that they were trying to destroy.  If the criminals don't feel they are being treated justly, they will scream to the media and anyone else who will give them a few minutes.  And they have every right to do so.

On a more pleasant and saner note, we had a large flocks of robins in our yard this morning.  I can't remember ever seeing such a numerous group before.  They were taking advantage of a snow free patch of damp ground to search for food.  I am not sure how successful they were as a hawk sent them all scurrying for the safety of the evergreen trees.

We had quite a rain last night so the level of the snow has lessened considerably.  There are bare patches all through the bush.  Our temperature is already up to 6 C even though it is still raining.  Could this be spring?

I am going to be putting the binding on a quilt for a fundraiser today and, perhaps, do a bit of organizing.  I also would like to make a few more blocks of another quilt I am doing.  There always seems to be lots to do, isn't there.

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