Thursday, April 4, 2013


My book is completely finished and on my web site ready for purchasing.  You can get in early on the special purchase price as it has been advertised as being for sale tomorrow.A copy has been sent to the editor of the quilt magazine for whom I write and, if they like it, I will get a promo.  All this is quite scary which may sound strange but, when you have worked on something for a long time and it is now open to public scrutiny, it is nerve wracking.  The feeling has often been described as putting your child on show and hoping no-one starts snickering.
Now that the book is done, I can get back to other things.  Today, I am helping to make decorations for a wedding that will be held at our church.  I have done a bit of catch up on my house work-thank goodness for an understanding husband.  I have a quilt to finish as it is part of a donation for a local fundraiser.  Perhaps I can do that tomorrow while my husband is at his euchre game in the village.
Our temperature is gradually inching upwards.  It is plus two Celsius now but the wind is still quite cool. I just took a peek out the window and everything is blowing around so, while that will help get rid of the snow, it doesn't make it pleasant for going outside.
I know spring will arrive eventually.  It always does.  Then I will start complaining about the heat and black flies.\

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