Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quilt Show

I don't usually do a post on the weekend but, here I am.  I went to a quilt show in North Bay yesterday with the ladies from our LQG  (Local quilt Group).  It was a well planned event with lots of well constructed and varied quilts.  I took a bunch of photos, bought some thread, fabric and ground walnut shells for pin cushions.  Afterwards, we all got together for lunch and then the ladies I was with went to Walmart where we picked up a few things.  When you live in a rural area, you take the opportunities presented to get to a store.
I bought the latest edition of Quilter's World.  If you haven't got a copy yet, it has a great article on batting and another on the process of making batik fabric.  I am also proud to be able to say that I 'know' the designer of the quilt on the cover.  Robin Waggoner, who is a very creative lady, belongs to the same on line group as I do and she reads my column. Robin is known for her ability to take a traditional block and update it with moder fabrics and setting.
It is almost time to get ready for church.  Looks as though we are going to have a nice day so we will be spending some time outside this afternoon.

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  1. Hi Anna,

    Glad you enjoyed the quilt show. I am off to one next Friday in Mount Forest, ON with a friend who isn't a quilter, but always likes a day out. I have taken her before and it is always interesting to hear her comments, as she sees things differently and things that I might not notice.

    Its good to hear from you on a Sunday. We have just come from church and finished lunch so I thought I would check your blog. Keep writng. Always enjoy it.