Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Clutch of Hens.

A Colourful Flock

This quilt top of appliqued blocks is my main project.  I have two more blocks to do, finish adding the bases that the birds sit/stand on, the eyes and then decidewhat I want to use for sashing.  I have just started the eithth block.  This will hang in the hallway of our home when finished.

I have decided to make a printed copy of my book available as I have had so many requests for one.  It will be autographed if desired.  Details are on my web.

This is my baking day and I have just finished 7 loves of bread; 3 rye, 4 whole wheat, and 6 dozen cookies.  Now I have to decide what to get for supper.  Leftovers, I think.


  1. Love your flock, I've always thought I'd like to do a wacky chicken/rooster top for my kitchen. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. Beautiful quilts. My grandmother was a hand quilter. Each tiny piece of material was hand sewed until later it was hand quilted. I have one of her old quilts and it is still in good shape.