Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Potting Around

If you read my blog on a mobile device, you should notice a difference.  I have changed the settings so you get an imagine that is sized to be read on mobiles.  I would appreciate some feed back if you do use one of these devices.  I have no experience with them so am trying to be as up to date as my greying hair permits.  I am thinking about another change to my blog.  I might start posting on the weekends.  It might just be a photo with a comment but I know that some of you make a habit of reading each day and have mentioned they miss being able to do so on my extended weekend.  I do appreciate the faithfulness and support of my readers so I will see what I can come up with by this weekend.  No promises but I will try.
I got the batteries for my camera yesterday and took a photo of the fabrics that I mentioned.  They are, as you can see, from the same designer so all work together nicely.  (My sister has good fabric sense-as well as in many other areas)
I have trimmed 2 1/2" from one side to make them rectangles and will use the strips in the border.  That is as far as I have got in my thought so far.

I am planning on getting my frame ready to use today.  It has been serving as a place to pile things at the moment.  However, I have been getting the itch to get some of my tops quilted.  I will need to make sure the frame is balanced and straight after the move from old studio to new. I have a small project to finish this morning and then I can get at that.
It is raining, as predicted today, so I can work all day in the studio without feeling guilty about not being outside.  As a bonus, my husband is in Huntsville buying tires for the car and other odds and ends so I don't have to make lunch.  We usually fend for ourselves (his phrase) but I am more likely to stop and eat if he is here.
I up potted some plants this morning.  Messy job but I can hear the sigh of relief from the plants.  I think I may need to set up a potting area in my husband work shed.  Shh, don't tell him.  I will have to bake something first and then let him know.

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  1. Anna: I just started following your blog from Quilt Designers yahoo group and look forward to getting to know you. The fabrics are beautiful. Have you thought of possibly using a gray fabric between the blocks. I have been very intrigued with the "modern" quilts and the use of gray as a neutral. Sometimes is is the perfect think and not too stark. Glad to be aboard. Good luck. Robin