Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Creative Walk

What makes you feel creative?  If you get in a quilting or writing slump, what inspires you?  There are a number of things that I will use as triggers to make the right side of my brain get busy.
As a writer, I have a list of story ideas, thoughts and quotes that I keep in a folder on my computer.  If I am stuck for a story or column idea, I can open it and often find something that will trigger an inspiration.  Reading someone elses work whether a book or shorter will not only give me ideas but put me in the mood to write.
You might question how a person could be in a quilting slump but it does happen.  Or at least, it does to me.  Unlike writer's block, I do have lots of quilting ideas and projects but I just can't seem to get started.  The sewing machine sits gathering dust.  My tools lay on the cutting table waiting to, once again, feel the warmth of human touch. 
When I find that I just can't summon the energy to think about sewing one stitch, I go for a walk.  I prefer wandering through our bush to taking the road. Here I can look at the tree bark, various fungi, the tiny flowers if the season is right, and the shapes of the many large rocks that are everywhere.  At the pond, if I sit quietly, I might see the blue heron or a loon.  The sun shimmering across the water turns the surface into crystals while, closer to the shore line, the dark shadows promise secrets that are waiting to be discovered.
Each season brings different discoveries but all are accompanied by bird song and the wind song in the tree branches.  Our bush, except in the fall, is a place of softness; grey tree trunks, pale flowers, marshmallow snow.  If you let the feeling seep into your mind, you not only feel refreshed and relaxed but more aware of who you are. The feeling accompanies you back home and stays with you long enough for you/me to see the unfinished projects with new eyes.  Just as the bush is full of creativity, so is your mind. 
The machine is turned on and the pleasure of turning fabric into art is once more a joy.

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