Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Do any of your projects start like this?  I have three dozen large pieces of fabric spread out on my design wall and a couple of sashing width bits laying over them.  I have an idea and need to see what colour would be best to join everything together.  I have had these fabrics which were ten inch pre cuts for a while and, as they were a gift from my sister, wanted to use them for a special project.  I was going to take a photo to show them all displayed in their glory but my camera batteries are dead.  Another thing to go on the list for my shopping trip  tomorrow.
I have the binding to sew on one quilt and border to finish on another and then I can start work on my idea for those fabrics.  I will show you what I've come up with once I get those batteries.
Today we are celebrating the arrival of spring by starting the cutting of trees for winter wood.  My role is to make sure that my husband is still alive when I hear a tree come down.  This is accomplished by looking in the direction of the crash and hollering "are you still alive?"  An affirmative answer means I can go back to quilting.  No answer requires further investigation.
The first tree was quite close to the house so I went out to help hammer in the wedges that are designed to keep the chainsaw from getting stuck.  I also try to offer encouraging comments and pray for strong gusts of wind that will topple the giant in the correct direction.  It did finally come down with a satisfying thump.  Heidi barked her approval and, as the house was still standing, I went inside and made tea.  My part of the effort was finished.
I have noticed that huge eighty foot giants with a girth large enough to house a small family will snap like a tooth pick in a windstorm.  However, a small sapling that would cause a beaver to sneer will resist the onslaught of ax, chainsaw and strong language.  If it does fall, it will tangle its uppermost branches with those of another tree and hang there giggling.
It is times like that that I am sure my husband thinks fondly of electric heating.

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