Friday, April 5, 2013

It Does That?

Can you believe that we are half way through April and it is still snowing?  It is just a light scattering of tiny flakes but, nevertheless, it is snow.
I am having writer withdrawals this morning.  I spent so much time working on the book that, now it is done, I feel like a lonely pea rattling around in an empty pod. Once it warms up a bit, I will get at finishing some quilting projects and I do have get another article sent to the Quilt Pattern Magazine.  I do a column for them every month. 
Are you a blogger?  If so, you should check out this free book:  You will find it especially helpful if you use your blog to promote a product or service.  Writer Brent Riggs is very supportive and I found his information on formatting, publishing for Kindle and promotion helpful. 
I found features on Microsoft Word that I didn't know existed.  Still trying to see if they have the symbol for 'inch' rather than using the quotation one which is harder to see.  I have an old version of Word so it might not be there.
It really does pay to become familiar with all the features of your various programs.  Most of us only use a small portion.  It is the same with our cell phones, cameras and all the other tools we own.  We pay to get the latest of something and then don't use the features.
Sewing machine options are another item that we don't utilize.  Generally we/I sew forward, backwards, needle up and down, buttonhole (maybe) and stretch (zigzag) stitch.  And yet, we purchase a machine that will sew a gazzillion stitches.  I am not sure if it is lack of time or confidence that makes us like this but it is a common trait.
Perhaps we should all make a resolution to learn something new about our gadgets each day.  Having said that, I am going to explore some more features on Word.  That inch symbol has to be somewhere.
Have a great weekend.

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