Thursday, August 30, 2012

Free Classes on the Web

Today is our anniversary.  We had a laugh while opening our gifts to each other; we both went to the same store and bought similar things.  I guess it is true that couple get more alike the longer they are married.  We will complete our celebration by going into the village for supper.
Yesterday, I was watching a video on attaching binding to your quilt.  This is something I've haven't given a great deal of thought-cut, sew on, done.  However, Susan Schamber's method certainly produces a more professional finish.  If I ever want to win top prizes for my quilt, I had better increase my skill so will be giving this a try.  You can check it out   It is called Binding the Angel.  Angel being the name of the quilt as opposed to the being.
There are a number of other videos that are shown on the right side of the page that I would also like to try.
Another program you might find interesting if you own a business or are looking for work is:
This is a free webinar and I have signed up for it

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