Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maple Leaves and Zucchini

I am busily working away on my fall fair entries.  I have almost finished a Christmas apron, babies bib and a set of coasters.  This may sound silly but I sew all the parts that need white thread and then change colours and do the next steps.  I've often thought that I need a large table with at least three machines set up.  One would have white thread, another a dark and the remaining would be for other colours. 
A rather silly habit but there you have it.  I've never claimed to be average.
I am working on a quilt with maple leaf blocks and have come up with a way to make the stem of the block that ensures that everything is centered.
I will put a tutorial on my web later but here are the written instructions.
Cut the fabric for the stem and the square of fabric that will be sewn on either side.  Before cutting the square in half diagonally, place a ruler or other straight edge so it reaches from one corner to the opposing one.  Lightly mark the center point with a pencil or other marker.  Cut block in half on the opposite corners.  Darken the marked line if necessary but keep it less than a 1/4" so the line will be hidden in the seam.  Fold stem fabric in half, right sides together and finger press.  Mark a short line on either end of the fold. Place stem fabric on the half square matching lines and sew.  Repeat with other side.  Trim and add the section to the maple leaf as per your instructions.
I will include diagrams with the tutorial and let you know when it is posted.
Remember that if you would like a copy of my zucchini would recipe, to contact me at: arkangelcreations@gamil.com

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  1. Oh be sure to link that up to the leave hop, I know I am looking for some leafy things, so I just know others will be too!