Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quilt Shows

Here in the backwoods, it is quilt show time.  Other parts of the province have theirs throughout the year but rural Ontario seems to prefer the fall.  I went to a show on Saturday which was held in a historical barn.  The quilt guild did an excellent job of organizing the event and, despite the rain, it was well attended.
Next month, I am off to another show.  This one is held biannually and it will be the first time I have been able to attend.  The show is held in Buckhorn and I, briefly, went to school there so it will be interesting to see how the area has changed.  This show alternates year's with one that is held in another area of Haliburton and I have been to it a couple of times now.
For those of us who live far from large urban centers, quilt shows are our means of finding out what is happening in the ever changing world of quilting.  It also gives us an opportunity to see the newest notions and fabric lines, attend workshops and get together with others who share our passion.
The following three photos I took at the South River show on Saturday. 

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