Friday, August 17, 2012

How Does Wednesday Feel?

It feels like a Saturday today.  Why is it that one day can feel like another?  How can Wednesday feel like a Thursday or the other way around?  What is distinctive about each of those days that they have their own 'feel'?
I went into the village this morning to pick up the paper and do a few errands.  Normally this is a Saturday morning job so that is probably why I am, mentally, a day ahead.  While driving in, a truck tossed up a pebble which hit and chipped my windshield.  This is the first mark I have had on my car since we bought it four years ago.  I know that for those of you that live in a large urban area this is something akin to a miracle but, here in the backwoods, a car can remain dent and chip free for many years-unless, of course, you are a particularly inept driver.
I noticed that the truck didn't have mudflaps over the rear wheels which is contrary to the law.  If the body of the vehicle doesn't cover part of the wheel (I forget the percentage) you are supposed to have mudflaps.  After this incidence, I noticed that none of the trucks I saw had flaps.  Combine this with the lack of rear bumper and you are going to get flying rocks.
I will have to get the chip seen to when I take the vehicle in for the fall maintenance.  In the meantime, some clear fingernail polish should keep it from spreading.  Crazy glue works better but I don't have any of that.
It is nice and sunny at the moment with a good breeze so I wish I had clothes on the line.  However, it does look as though it might rain so I will leave the laundry until Saturday which is my usual day. 
And now I am going to sew stems on some maple leaf blocks.


  1. I am here for the Bowls with Borders blog hop and couldn't find your post, but I read your pradicament with the chip in your windshield and would like to suggest a solution. Living in an urban environment and driving freeways in CA this is a common occurance with construction both on and off the highways. We recently had a company called Safelite repair chips in the windshields of our cars. Our auto insurance covered the cost because they have a way to treat the chip so that it doesn't spread, causing the window to crack and have to be replaced. I don't know if this company has franchises near you and/or in Canada, but there must be someone near you who has this expertise and can help you. I will check back later for your Bowls with Border post.

  2. from Florida - I'm also visiting from Bowls with Borders -- and have heard good things about Safelite for windshield repair as well.

  3. I just found your blog, visiting from Bowls with Borders. I have read your latest posts - have really enjoyed them. I can picture in my mind what you are talking about. I will continue to read and enjoy your blog.
    thanks, Mary

  4. Visiting from Bowls with Borders... will check back.

  5. Here from Bowls with Borders. Did you get too busy and forget? We missed seeing your project today! Sorry about your windshield. That's always very frustrating!

  6. I am also here visiting for the bowl hop!