Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Additionally Speaking

Making the Walls

We had a busy, busy weekend.  Our work crew family arrived early Saturday morning and laboured until dusk, stopping only for food.  They continued again the next day until around two.
On Saturday I took my 2 sister's in-law garage saleing after dropping off our entries for the fair.  The rest of the day was spent serving meals and waiting to be needed for something.
There is still a lot to be done; finish the two short walls, add windows (there will be four on the long side) and the door.  Then the insulation, wiring, and siding has to be completed before putting down the floor covering and finishing the interior walls.
There were some changes made to the original design.  Because it is higher from the ground than we planned, the roof slope is less.  This means we are going to put support posts inside in case we are a away and there is an unusually heavy snowfall. The entrance door also had to be moved to the higher wall side.  This will be a bit of an inconvenience but easier for hanging out laundry.
Biggest One Done

Adding the Roof
All in all, I am pleased, ecstatic really, with the room.  I may not be able to move until the winter but I am going to have so much fun setting everything in place once it is finished.  
Tomorrow, I will tell you about our experience at the fair.
View from the West End

East End

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