Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall Fair Frenzy.

Fall Fair Entry
I am in full fall fair prep mode now.  I spent most of yesterday making the outfit for this doll.  Her dress has machine embroidery, lace and ribbon and, I think, she looks precious.  She will be entered in the Burk's Falls fair. 
This morning I took my three entries over to the another community.  This is the first time I have put anything in this one .  Tomorrow afternoon, my husband and I will go to that fair to see how I did and take in the events.
I have a week to finish the preparations for our local fair and have most things ready.  I have baking to do and a last check of the quilts to make sure that all the threads have been removed (they never are) and I didn't miss a sewing a section of the binding.
My husband has to get his entries ready yet but there is lots of time for that as nothing has to be done to them.
Have a great weekend.  If you have a rural fair in your area, give yourself a treat and go. 

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