Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fall Fairs and Muffins

It will be fall fair time in less than a month and I have been organizing my entries.  We are allowed to submit the same item 2 years in a row so I will be doing that in some categories as well and preparing a few new things.  I am going to do something for the recycle category as well as a potted plant.  My re entries will be quilted items although I will probably do a bit of touching up.
I have also just made three large bibs for a toddler who likes to feed himself and, like all who are just learning the technique, food seems to get everywhere but in the mouth.  Two of the bibs are made from an old towel and the other is from fabric with a baseball print.  It is fun doing things for little ones.  I entered a bib in the last year's fair, got a prize and gave it as a gift.  I will have to think about making another. 
I did a little mini tour of the village this morning.  I had a hair appointment, bought a couple of groceries and then went to the arts and crafts center.  We have a lot of talented artists in this area and it is nice they have a place to showcase their work.  From there, I went to our Welcome (information) Center and bought one of their fabulous muffins and chatted with the owner about the increase of tourism this year.
It is nice to explore your own community.  My husband and I have been waiting for the weather to cool a bit so we can take a stroll around the Heritage River Walk.  It goes through a covered bridge, past the falls and around the river where the trees are labeled and other points of interest are marked.  We can finish at the Welcome Center for another muffin.  A little extra incentive never hurts.

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