Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are you a Brown or Lime Green?

I have just finished cleaning our little freezer in preparation for fall bounty.  I have started adding cobbed corn, zucchini, and some berries.  The latter will be made into jam when I can rely on the temperatures staying down.  Our tomatoes are starting to ripen quickly now so they get cleaned and put in bags to be made into chili sauce. We have a dozen chickens and some turkeys that are going to the butcher this weekend so they will take up a lot of space as well.
So, you can see that despite the fact that we are barely into August, I am thinking autumn.  It is wishful thinking but with a few days of cooler temperatures, I am hopeful.
A random thought:  Does your clothing colour preference impact your fabric choices for quilting?  If not, which ones reflect who you really are?
My closet is predominately shades of brown and green with some bright yellow and red to add a bit of zing.  My stash does have a lot of those colours as well but also black, bright pink, a lot of purples as well as various shades of white.  With the exception of some whites, I never wear any of those colours. My clothing style tends to be dark brown with tan but my quilts are red and black, lime green and bright pink etc.  Which is the 'real' me?  I do really like bright, flashy colours and I feel they suit my personality.  Why then the browns and tans?  Probably because it is cheaper.  They are always in style, easy to co-ordinate and suit most occasions.  However, I often add a flashy scarf or jacket just to give notice that underneath the mousy exterior lives an peacock.

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