Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bounty for the Freezer

I have just made a list of the items I want to enter in the fall fair.  There aren't too many that I have to make and those are either small items such as a bib or baked.  My husband also went over the Prize List book and choose a few things he will enter.  They are mostly vegetables but is also looking at specialty categories such as largest egg.  Our chickens lay some whoppers.  Of course, we have to hope they give us something good close to fair day as it probably wouldn't be a good idea to enter one that had gone bad!
I have been trying to encourage others in the area to enter their products and crafts even though it will mean they will be competing with me.  I feel it is very important that as many people as possible enter to keep the local fairs interesting.  Most of the smaller communities don't have much of a midway so things like horse pulls and the various livestock, produce and craft competitions is what draws the people.
It is another coolish day so I am feeling quite energized.  I am working on a quilt as well as helping my husband cut up some chickens for the freezer.  I have also been getting the tomatoes in the freezer ready for chutney, chili sauce and spaghetti sauce.
I love this time of year-not the calendar time but the temperature.

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