Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A sweet Season

My husband is starting to get ready for maple syrup season.  We still have so much snow that the first step is to trample that down and make a trail so he can work.  Trees have to be measured to ensure they are big enough and then the tapping begins.  The sap isn't running yet but Roger thinks it may start next week.  He has to wait until the snow melts a bit otherwise if he taps and the melt happens, he may be standing on tippy toes to do the gathering.
Once everything starts, he is going to be very busy but he really enjoys it.  Each year he buys a few more supplies so the process gets a bit easier and we have more end product. 
I am baking tomorrow and, in addition to the bread, I am making a large stew, a casserole and some cookies.  I like to have a supply of food started so it is just a matter of heating up the food.  Our operation is small but it is still labour intensive.  I am also going in for day surgery next week so I would like to have some baking done before then. 
Now I guess I better get at the quilt I am trying to finish so I can get the pattern posted.  I also have a couple of articles to write and send but that will have to wait until Friday,

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