Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Did the Time Go

Computers, useful as they are, can be a great source of time fritterers.  I can sit down to do my e mail, branch off to check out a suggested web site or you tube video and surfacemuch later to discover an hour has passed. 
I used to spend a good bit of time playing a couple of computer games-Free Cell and Spider Solitaire but now I have also added jigsaw puzzles into my time.  I discovered a site that lets you choose from a list of puzzles and a myriad of shapes and piece numbers.  If I am busy, I will do the classic cut 48 piece.  If it is one of the 'picutes of the day' that I don't really like, I will use the 20 piece option.  Obviously, I don't have a personal 'just don't do it' option.
I really like the scenic ones and will often choose the most difficult cut and then do it again it a different one.  Dogs and cats are another favourite.
I sometimes wonder how I manage to get anything done in a day.  The solution to that is making lists.  I try to write down the things that have to be accomplished the next day.  I also try to give myself a challenge such as no puzzles until the housework is done. " Aww, Mom, none of the other retirees have to do that!"
So, here it it almost noon.  I have done a bit of housework, have started a loaf of pumpernickel bread in the bread maker for my husband.  I need to get the flowers put together for church so I can take them tomorrow and pick out another quilt to finish.  I did complete the one I was restoring yesterday so I am making head way.
The local committee I chair has organized a Family Day event for the community this Monday so I have a few extra things to get done this weekend. Tuesday I have to go to Huntsville for a medical test and another week will be off and running.

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