Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Martin Or....?

We have a snow machine trail just north of our property which runs across the road.  I have often looked at it while taking the dog for a walk and thought how lovely it looked.  I was reluctant, however, to go on it on my own.  On Tuesday, when our little family went out for our exercise, I asked my husband if we could go on the trail.  (As it was a week day, I thought we would be unlikely to get in the way of the legitimate users).  We didn't go to far along it but, as it went through the bush, it was a lovely walk.  As we were looking at the various tracks, my husband spotted a small creature in a tree.  It had a tiny kitten-like face and was peering at us from behind a sturdy branch.
 We could only see its little face and weren't sure, at first, just what it was but we decided it was probably a martin.  Definitely not a fisher as they are larger and certainly not as cute.  We turned back at that point as we didn't want to stress the creature.  We looked back after a few steps and it was still sitting there watching us.
Another, less welcome sight, was the snow melting from the base of the trees.  That is an indication the sap is starting to flow.  We are hoping that the weather cools down for a few weeks as it is too early to start making maple syrup just now. 

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